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Italo Box Music is based in Poland and mainly releases eighties artists on cd and cdr.

Since 2012 Beach Club Records is present on several physical compilation series of ZYX Music, like ‘ZYX Italo Disco New Generation’ and ‘Italo Disco New Generation Boot Mix’.

Since 2017, some Beach Club Records releases also come on vinyl. Italo Disco NYC brings out various New Generation Italo Disco songs through Around My Dream Records. Take a look here:

Fresh Color Music is a label located in Greece that has been releasing New Gen Italo Disco on vinyl and compact disc since 2018.

Magica Records is a new independend New Generation Italo Disco Label based in Holland.  Exclusive distribution at this time:

Finnish label founded by Kimmo Salo and devoted to Italo-Disco.

Since 2012 SP Records (Russia), lead by Sergey Podosenov, has released several physical albums of Beach Club Records. SP Records stood at the base of the succes of Beach Club Records. Due to the conditions in the music industry, at present there are unfortunately few cd’s released.

Italo Disco & Euro Disco label from Spain. Five4ItRecords


Our own recording studio

Studio Six is ​​Beach Club Records’ own studio. The studio consists of two setups, equipped with an SSL mixer, Neumann microphone and various peripheral equipment from renowned brands.


Our team

Since 2012, Ken Martina has produced over 200 albums and 500 singles for Beach Club Records. Well-known artists of our label are: Boris Zhivago, Modern Boots, Emy Care, Ken Martina, Limelight, Boy Blue and Aldo Lesina.

The albums of our most famous artists are also available on compact disc, various compilation CDs and some singles on vinyl. More information on this on our collaboration page.

Our music can also be found on many videos on YouTube, including the biggest hits from Momento – I Used To Be (12 mln views), Boris Zhivago – Lady Of My Fantasy (10 mln views), Ken Martina – Time ( 7.6 mln views), Don Amore – Love Tonight (3.6 mln views) and Modern Boots – Tell Me The Reason You Said Goodbye (5.2 mln views).


In 2012, Ken Martina came up with the idea to produce Italo Disco itself. The first results were RANGER – IN YOUR EYES and MOMENTO – I USED TO BE. The last one was later released by Dyva on FLASHBACK RECORDS, Finland. Then came TOMMY SUN – BEACH LIVE and ALAN BRANDO – ONE MORE TIME, they were released on FIVE4IT RECORDS, Italy. From 2013 SP RECORDS, Russia, many songs of Beach Club Records released on CD, then many of our on ZYX RECORDS, Germany, delivered, this they still do.

Ken Martina

Producer, writer and owner of Beach Club Records

T: For clients only


Ken is responsible among other things for the vocals of Boris Zhivago, Modern Boots, Mr. Blue and Limelight.


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