Roberto Lee

Involved by Beach Club Records since 2015, Roberto is responsible for the vocals of Roby, Mike Rock, Chris Moon, Michael and Italian Boy.

Naomi C.

Naomi is responsible for the vocals of Diva Firaro, Elissa Rovetta and… Naomi.

Angelica Rose

Angelica has already been engaged in Beach Club Records, she sings the vocals for Angelica Rose and R & M. At present she is in ‘retirement’, but who knows she comes back as a vocalist in the future.

Anna Jane

Anna Jane is responsible for the vocals of… Anna Jane.

Elise Dean

With its special Italo Disco sound Elise handles the vocals include Dean Corporation, Modern Boots, Emy Care and Limelight.

Ken Martina

Producer, singer and founder of Beach Club Records. Ken is responsible among other things for the vocals of Boris Zhivago, Modern Boots, Mr. Blue and Limelight.