Logo Italo Box Music 349x343

Italo Box Music is based in Poland and mainly releases eighties artists on cd and cdr.

Logo Zyx Music 400x65 wit

Since 2012 Beach Club Records is present on several physical compilation series of ZYX Music, like ‘ZYX Italo Disco New Generation’ and ‘Italo Disco New Generation Boot Mix’.

Fresh Colour Music

Fresh Color Music is a label located in Greece that has been releasing New Gen Italo Disco on vinyl and compact disc since 2018.

Logo Italo Disco NYC 290x258 wit

Since 2017, some Beach Club Records releases also come on vinyl. Italo Disco NYC brings out various New Generation Italo Disco songs through Around My Dream Records. Take a look here: italodisconyc.com

Magica Records logo 1600x800 def white

Magica Records is a new independend New Generation Italo Disco Label based in Holland.  Exclusive distribution at this time: italodisconyc.com

Logo SP Records 517x173 wit

Since 2012 SP Records (Russia), lead by Sergey Podosenov, has released several physical albums of Beach Club Records. SP Records stood at the base of the succes of Beach Club Records. Due to the conditions in the music industry, at present there are unfortunately few cd’s released.

Logo iTunes 325x106 wit

Since 2014 Beach Club Records is present on iTunes. You can find here most of our albums, seperate singles are not published on iTunes. Physical albums, released in the past by SP Records, Russia, are also available on iTunes, sometimes in special editions.

Five4it Records 300x301

Italo Disco & Euro Disco label from Spain. Five4ItRecords

801 Alan Brando - Tommy Sun 800x800
802 Five4it Compilation 600x600
Logo Maxitalo 293x141 wit

Soon since the beginning Maxitalo is involved in Beach Club Records, beside the Instrumental compilation series, Maxitalo is responsible for all the official videos of Beach Club Records.

Logo Hargent New Media 590x245 wit

The first release where Beach Club Records was involved in with Hargent New Media, was ‘New Generation Italo Disco Collection Vol. 1’. Unfortunately, this compilation album has been canceled for legal reasons.